Staff Bio


I’m the sister of Wes, and have a strong background in marketing and a creative eye, where I became Marketing Manager at Heywoods. I’d describe myself in a work environment as always looking to be challenged in whatever job I’ve ever had and I now manage ‘The Hub’ area of the company’s head office in Newcastle-Under-Lyme which ensures a smooth and successful internal processing of our client’s journeys.

I really enjoy working in this sector and I suppose that our client’s successful journeys have been matched by my own, as after joining IronMarket in 2013, I recently had the huge honour of being shortlisted for the Women in Financial Advise Awards at The Marriott Hotel in London. But it was a team effort, and we enjoyed the night as a team!

What I love about my job

In one word – people. I love working within a team, especially a talented team that I really do admire both professionally and personally.

What’s great about IronMarket?

We’re very supportive, open-minded, and have high expectations and that applies to both our clients, our team and ourselves. I love coming to work because as someone who has a background in marketing, I enjoy working within a company that is proactive, not reactive. That’s important to our clients in the fast-paced world of finance.

It’s not all work, work, work

I love music, especially going to festivals in the summer. I also have a close group of friends whom I love socialising with. But as any mother will tell you, their time and love are devoted to their children, and I’m no different. Nora Belle is aged two, so going to farms, zoos and walks around lakes are the norm – and I love it! All I want to be is a role model for her.

Who would you have round your table for dinner?

My dad was so special to me, so it has to be him. We went to every football match together. Then I’d go for writers and Instagram legends such as Giovanna Fletcher, Louise Roe and Anna Whitehouse. Oh, and for a touch of celebrity, Rochelle Hulmes.

I dream of one day...

I love writing, and would love to write either a fashion blog or maybe use Instagram to push the world of finance and change the perception of the industry. I want to take down the barriers of finance advice!

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