Staff Bio


I work in Amy’s team and my main role is the responsibility of leading and managing the administration team with her. I’ve been at IronMarket for four years after originally opening a retail outlet in Stoke-on-Trent and working in the leisure industry.

After gaining experience and skills in these areas I decided that I wanted to work within finance and so started an apprenticeship here. I’ve always been business orientated and taken Business Administration qualifications, and am now studying and working hard to become an adviser.

What I love about my job

The team here is so supportive, and I love working closely with Amy. As well as offering brilliant advice and support, I love how we aren’t afraid of change. Seeing our clients really happy with the services we offer is great job satisfaction for me.

What’s great about IronMarket?

We’re always one step ahead of the competition as we’re always moving forward before others do. I think we are a very unique financial company in how we work as well as our aims and objectives. We are never happy with just being mediocre. That’s why we offer a very personalised set of financial services to both personal and business clients.

It’s not all work, work, work

I’m really family orientated. My family is very close and there’s nothing we like more than going to watch rugby. All my brothers play and it’s a really social Saturday when the family go to watch them. I’m also into going the gym, too. Healthy body, healthy mind.

Who would you have round your table for dinner?

The entire Friends cast. I absolutely love that programme!

I dream of one day...

Like many people, I want to see the world. I know it might sound a bit boring, but I love where I work and I’m content in my life. If my family are happy then so am I.

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