Staff Bio


After graduating from Staffordshire University, I worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland and then in other banks – mainly focussing on wealth management. I’m a quick learner, determined and competitive, so I passed my Financial Planning certificates in four weeks, when two years is often the norm!

I’d developed a number of brilliant working relationships with clients, and my dad had his own business, and so I decided to set up my own company in 2013 – IronMarket. It wasn’t long before Amy came on board too, she grew her team and as the company has grown further, it’s been so rewarding to help our clients be successful and achieve their goals with us.

What I love about my job

It’s not a job to me. I see it as a vocation, as IronMarket is very personal to me. It’s about balancing client relationship and interaction while developing and supporting our staff. The key word in business for me is growth. I love seeing our team and our clients progress.

What’s great about IronMarket?

I think that we genuinely work harder for our clients and also smarter, too. Transparency is key in our industry – we couldn’t be more honest, diligent and fair. We have no arrogance about what we do and love being a personable company in a sector that can often seem cold and impersonal.

We do what is best for our clients and are the financial wellbeing company for everyone. We have traditional methods that many appreciate, yet use modern technology well too – such as our app. We're looking to heavily develop out the technology side of IronMarket as we grow further.

It’s not all work, work, work

My golf handicap is 15. Really important – just put on Golf Day charity work. Raise money for individuals and people who help those who help.  Family, Helen is wife Grace 10 and Nell is 2 Erin 12 weeks. Gives them good experiences and keeps them happy. Dad is still the voice in my head. Season ticket since I was four.

Who would you have round your table for dinner?

Churchill fascinating character and political background, leadership through tough times, Gandhi – leadership, dad person in my head, Mother Theresa love to hear about her life.

I dream of one day...

I would love to be as successful as possible so I could be as philanthropic as possible. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezoz (owns Amazon). Running my own charity foundation.

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